Tuesday, 7 April 2015

There was time for this

I pondered whether to do it, and decided Yes! We did make a start on our popup cuboids. We made the cubes.
 I decided that as there was a fair bit of arithmetic in it too, it covered a lot of bases. Working out the surface area, and the volume, usually involved a one digit X two digit calculation, and it was a chance to remind about grid multiplication in a context.
They would make a good book! I would also really like to make to get the class struggling with making non-cube cuboid popups. Doing this involves getting to grips with how a cuboid works (opposite faces being the same).

The children who finished quickly I steered towards making some cuboid pictures with pattern blocks:
This is something I'll maybe do more systematically next year (if I'm teaching around this age).


  1. Love this Simon! I've never seen the plain wood rhombus and in fact, I've never had a need for one... until now. Well done.
    What a slick way for students to continue working and exploring an idea. Talk about taking an idea and diving in deep...well done!

  2. A very neat and creative activity. And like you said, there are many dimensions to it!