Friday 11 December 2015

¾ of a hexagon

M is an enthusiast. He is busy writing a piece based on Saving Private Ryan at the moment. He asks to stay in at break times to do it ("No, I need a coffee!") and is always busy on some project.

So, after our fraction work yesterday, finding a third of a hexagon chocolate cake in various ways:
M was the first one to come up with the idea of splitting the triangles for a more interesting third
M took one home. He brought it in again this morning with some careful explanation written on it. While the others were getting on with it, I asked him to explain his work. 

I know, I took over a bit! Once I'd finished dividing the hexagon up for him, we coloured it in together on the touchscreen, the way he'd shown. He just needed help with the first line, then he got the idea, and I went off to see how everyone else was doing.

I love the way he just keeps on with his explanation. I wonder whether I did the right thing now. Perhaps rather than helping him to draw his idea, I should have asked him how he would divide a triangle into quarters?
But M was pleased with the results, and really pleased that his prediction that the coloured parts would make hexagons was correct.
I think I have a bit of a weakness for beautiful things rather than hard thoughts. But I wonder, should I do it differently next time?

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